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Custom Car, Motorcycle, Watercraft Appraisals in Washington, D.C.

Auto Appraisal Network of Maryland does appraisals for all different types of vehicles including custom/collector cars and trucks, motorcycles, late-model vehicles, boats, antique boats, RV’s, personal watercraft, semi-tractors and car hauler trailers. 

If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area and need an auto appraisal for insurance purposes, diminished value claims, pre purchase inspections, car collection appraisals, divorce settlements, estate settlements, bankruptcy or expert witness services, contact Auto Appraisal Network of Maryland.  

We are a locally owned and operated business and part of a nationwide network of certified auto appraisers.  We have 30+ years of experience, so you can rest assured that an appraisal report from us is accurate and complete. Our full color reports are bound and delivered to you within days of completion and are accepted by all major insurance carriers, as well as the legal system. 

We take pride in our work and are as passionate about cars as you are.  Protect your investment by having it appraised by Auto Appraisal Network of Maryland.

Serving Washington, D.C.

Washington DC. United States
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Facts about Washington, D.C.

Formally known as the District of Columbia, Washington DC is the capital of the United States, and also the federal district for the country. The city is located along the Potomac River, and shares borders with Virginia and Maryland. Washington is named for Founding Father George Washington, who was also the first president of the United States, and the commanding general of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. 

The District of Columbia was so named in recognition of Columbia, a personification of the female in the fight for American freedom. The name is said to be used for the New World as early as the dawning decades of the 18th century, and itself is based on the name of Christopher Columbus, and adding the -ia that is so common within Latin cultures. 

As of the 2020 census, 701,974 residents make their homes in Washington. Along with being home to the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court, the city is also the site of a number of historic sites and monuments. Among the most popular are the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. 


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out of 9 ratings

Auto Appraisal Network of Maryland

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Custom Car, Motorcycle, Watercraft Appraisals in Washington, D.C.